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Stock markets

We are one of the leading registrars for AIM listed and NEX Exchange companies and also act as registrars for companies with Standard or Premium listings on the London Stock Exchange plus Asset Match and TISE.

Venture Capital Trusts

We have experience in managing the registers of Venture Capital Trusts.

Crowd Funding

Crowdfunding is nothing new but it has really gained in popularity in the last few years. Companies that have completed a successful crowdfunding process often find themselves with a greatly increased shareholder base and little experience in how to administer this change. We offer a professional and cost effective solution to these companies.

Unlisted Companies

We can act for unlisted companies where the size of the share register does not make it practical for the company to manage in-house.

Receiving Agents/Corporate Actions

We regularly act as receiving agents to cash offers, such as open offers, by our client companies. Our staff have many years of experience in managing takeovers and mergers and capital reconstructions.


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